Tunguska Drops!


It’s finally happened, fellow Nomads. Tunguska, that enigmatic third ship of the Nomad Nation, has discharged its cargo. Already, it’s devious and insidious offspring are deploying in hotzones across the system. Get ready to be… jammed!

I’ve been waiting for Tunguska since I started playing Infinity several years ago. In fact, it was the Nomad models in the starter set that drew me in. Sure, the Mobile Brigada was cool, but the Grenzer and the Spektr just looked so creepy. One with a skull-like mask and the other with this weird insectoid helm, both wielding their weapons like they were ready to do some damage. It had been a toss-up between Nomads and Yu-Jing (well, JSA) since I was a big anime fan, but Nomads won out, thanks to Hackers and William Gibson. I never looked back.

I love the Nomad faction. It’s got such amazing scope. It can be brittle, depending on what you run, thanks to a lack of Chain of Command, and you pay for everything (no headscratchingly cheap beatsticks here, sadly) but it’s all good. From master snipers like the Intruder to area denial specialists like the Moran Maasai Hunters, to link team killers like Cassandra Kusanagi, you’ve got a wealth of options, and it’s rare (I think) to see two Nomad armies that are the same.

So when Tunguska dropped (which I found out about an hour ago – thanks Jake!) I had two questions: how good is the sectorial, and what am I going to put into my vanilla Nomad list?

[Got to point out here, I haven’t run any of these yet, and I haven’t seen some of the special rules. This whole piece is about not peeing my pants in excitement and instead channelling that buzz into half-baked nonsense about how the Nomads are the sexiest, coolest and most nuanced faction in the game.]

Perseus – the Rogue Myrmidon

Yeah, I’m starting at the end. Starting at the beginning is a bit Pan O, right? A bit ordinary, a bit Stereophonics. Not Nomad at all. So let’s look at Perseus first. He seems to me to be a cool, thematic unit rather than a go-to beatstick. But smoke, ODD, good CC skills and NWI are all good. Super-jump offers some cinematic moments, too. Being able to stick him with some cheap Securitate is definitely appealing. Also, he might look like one of these guys, which would be cool.


Hollow Men

Yeah, little bit of wee came out here. 6-2 MOV is fantastic, as is Remote Presence and STR 2. What with a range of linkable options, chain colts for area denial (and to dissuade CC monsters), a wealth of firepower loadouts and super-jump, these things are going to be a lot of fun. Reasonably priced too. Since they’re HI, they can cautious move 6” which is phenomenal.


There’s now a Haris option, and they count as Securitates for fireteam composition. I love mixing and matching fireteam members, and it’s great to see that getting rolled out beyond the mercenaries and QK, since it allows you to have elite pointmen backed up by cheap squaddies for the budget ARO piece from hell. The Biometric visor is a nice touch, as is the option to put an Interventor in a link team. Swoon.


Oh help me, I need some oxygen. This is brilliant. Some units are just rock stars, and the Zondnautica, with its AI Motorcycle (I have no idea), chain rifle and smoke, is fascinating. Once the “rider” dismounts, it’s followed by a Zondmate with the aforementioned loadout. I love the idea of getting an 8-4 MOV electric pulse right up in the enemy’s face early on.


Yeah, he’s pretty awesome. Now imagine him with a Tomcat doctor running on and getting him back on his feet. Plus he can mix with Grenzers, Securitate and Perseus. Sweet.


I can hear music. Sweet music. Sexy music. It might just be the Puppet Masters and their quirky robots of doom! I’m assuming this is a fireteam of some sort, since the Puppetbots have Number 2. Marksmanship Level 1 built in is nice for a REM, as is an 11 point FO option with WIP 14. Lo-Tech is a neat alternative to remote presence, allowing them to keep moving at least, instead of dropping when they lose a structure point. I want to know more! Show me more!

Mary Problems

If you thought 99 problems was bad, wait until this one pops up on your HUD, kills your hacker with lightening (Ouch!), immobilises your TAG with Icebreaker (BTS 9? Ha!), drills your cheerleaders with a submachine gun, isolates your specialist with a baby E/Marat and then goes into suppressive fire stacked with ODD. Yeah, that’s right. She carries two hacking devices. Hacktung, Baby! (That’s not my joke, it’s right there on the badge).


I love that these guys have a Joker smile as their badge. These guys are just trolls, plain and simple, and I adore them already. Limited Camo and Mimetism is fair, Forward Deployment is pretty sweet too. It means in Vanilla I can mix them up with Zero Minelayers for some top-drawer reactive turn quagmires. The Jammer might only be WIP 13 against a Ghazi’s superior WIP 15, but it’s still absolutely terrifying. With Fast Pandas (yes, I am totally blocking that doorway with this jerk), E/Marats and KHDs, not to mention the new cybermine, the Hecklers are nifty toolkits of misery. It’s only a shame you can only take 3, and not 43.



Alright, so “conclusion” is a grand word for this over-excited squirt of data, but I’m already building lists. Some of these units slip easily into a vanilla army. Tunguska feels very different to the other Nomad sectorials, bringing a lot of new and exciting tech to the table, and some of the fireteam options are sicker than post-watershed sitcoms on Bakunin. In short, I’ve waited a long time for this to drop, and it’s got me grinning like a Heckler. Now we need to see the models. And the specs on what some of this hot new shit actually does.


[If the next Totally Crit open is a 460 points AVA-X no-LT special ITS, I’m ready.]

[End transmission]




If you’re bored, and you like Infinity, and reading stuff on a screen doesn’t make you sick, why not read my short stories? They’re right here. You should totally write your own, too.


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