Naboo Aces!

Naboo Aces

Since my son shares my love for Star Wars, I’ve ended up buying a few Micro Machines ships. They’re pretty much the same scale as the X-Wing miniatures and detail-wise, if you’re lucky, they’re not too bad. At a couple of quid each, they’re pretty cheap, too, so you don’t have to invest much to have some nice proxies.

I like the ships from the prequels, and the Naboo ships in particular just scream ‘fun! My favourite aspects are their supercar design. It’s almost a Pagani Zonda in space, a supercar with a ridiculous nose and engines. I love it. You can just imagine an engineer presenting the fighter design to some aloof regent, and being told, “Give it more frills and make it bright yellow. It needs to look like the sort of starfighter Jeremy Clarkson would want to fly. ” Or whoever the Star Wars Expanded Universe version of Clarkson is. Probably some mad Hutt, or a relative of Zebulba.

I get the feeling that we’re some distance away from getting prequel ships, although we do have the ARC (but it’s clearly a museum peace refitted by the Rebel Alliance). Some wise heads on the forums point out that they wouldn’t fit neatly into the current three factions, which is true. Perhaps it’s even something that won’t happen until we see a new edition of the game? Whatever the issue, I’m still going to use these in friendly games, from time to time. I’m probably going to employ them as Z-95s so that I don’t have to sink too many points into them. It feels right that they should be disposable, although they do have astromechs. So maybe they could pass as T-65s… but they’re not cheap.

They do have a rocket launcher/torpedo bay under the nose, so I expect to load them with some suitable upgrades to ensure that they pose at least some threat.



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