Boba’s Ride: Modifying the Slave One


Well of course he’s got a scavenger crane. Or at least, something to grab his prey.

Since getting into X-Wing, I’ve found myself collecting ships from each of the three factions. Fortunately, my 6-year old’s love of Star Wars is equal to my own, so I have someone to play against pretty much whenever I like, but in those games it always has to be Rebels V Empire (and I always have to be the Empire – it’s his rule). My heart, however, belongs to the Scum and Villainy.

In every game I play, I tend to opt for the renegades. In Infinity, I chose Nomads. So it was fitting that I ended up drawn to the more nuanced, dirty, sneaky, morally dubious aspect of the Star Wars universe.

One of the things I love about the game is how full of flavour it is. I’m not interested in the meta, and don’t see myself attending a tournament any time soon, so for now I’m focusing on the fluffier side of things. One of the elements of Scum I like is their tendency to fly beaten-up, heavily modified ships crammed with gribbly alien tech and spattered with battle damage… which is why I set about the Slave One with relish.

The Bounty Hunters are, for me, the most exciting aspect of Scum (aside from the Protectorate Starfighters… goodness me, but that episode of Rebels was awesome) and let’s face it, Boba Fett is the poster-boy. The model itself is utterly weird and imposing, and very cool. But in the true spirit of Scum and Villainy I wanted to personalise it. So I asked myself… what would Boba do?

Bomb Chutes


So, with the Andrasta title, you can really load up with bombs. And Emon Azzameen (I know, he’s not Boba, but still…) can do some freaky things with his explosives. Things that would make Sabine Wren spill her coffee. So, in case he ends up being chased, or if he just wants to cut off his prey’s path of escape, Boba now has some bomb chutes.

These, like the ‘elephant ear’ fin accoutrements either side of the cockpit, are from a Tamiya sprue of WW2 guns. German guns, I think. Which suits the aesthetic of the Star Wars universe quite well, I think.

Heavy Laser Cannon

I know there are other options for that cannon slot… but the HLC just feels like the kind of big gun Boba Fett would bring. He’s a fan of disintegration, so why not bring the weapon most likely to achieve this? I thought it would look good pivoting around at the end of the Firespray, beneath the little gunnery compartment where Gunner, 4-LOM, Zuckus or some other ne’er-do-well creep might sit.

This piece is from an Infinity set for Nomad Remotes (REMs). It’s an old sculpt now, so fits the Star Wars aesthetic more than the newer, less Space Opera, more Anime-inspired sculpts.

Scavenger Crane


Yeah, this just had to be done. I wanted something insidious, something gribbly, something you wouldn’t want to see if you’r just lost power to your shields and your engines were dead, and Boba Fett was closing in. So I checked online to see what a Firespray miniature was like inside, and then worked a panel off carefully with a modelling knife (so I could use the panel as the hatch).

The arm itself is from Warzone Resurrection, and comes from a Diana Clone. I painted it brown because it’s Star Wars. The tech should look industrial, used to the point of near-decrepitude, but still look brutal. I like how it’s coming out of an actual void in the ship.

Improved fins


I love these little ‘elephant ears’. They look weirdly organic, and are also pieces from the Tamiya sprue. The idea was that Boba wanted better control over the manoeuvrability of his ship, so he’s tinkered with its mechanisms. This should fit nicely with his Imperial ability to adjust his course.

So that’s the Firespray. I’ll try to stop myself from adding any more bits to it. But now it feels like it’s mine. Well, Boba’s. Well, you know what I mean.




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